Poem: “Ecclesia Mellow”

Ecclesia Mellow

Go and sin, sin on more.
Mercy, my mercy, sin galore!

The joy of love, not the sword,
No division, praise me lord!

An eye offends? That’s OK,
Look again, not away.

Fire everlasting not forever.
Eternal damning, never, never.

“Yes is yes” hurts so much.
“No is no” is out of touch.

No dog vomits, none returns.
No sow wallows, no one burns.

A rigid cross so unreal,
Good news logic, feel, feel, feel.

Go and sin, sin on more.
Mercy, my mercy, sin galore!

The Church says “eternal eternity.”
This Church just won’t do for me.

I need a church so I can sin, no hell;
A mercy church, so all is well.

Copyright © Guy McClung 2016

Guy McClung, J.D., Ph.D. received his law degree from the University of Texas and his doctorate in philosophy from Rice University, with a specialization in the philosophy of law. Unable to give up his day job as a patent attorney, he writes in his spare time unless that time is spent with his wife of forty-two years who is pointing him toward heaven. His bedtime reading is St. Thomas Aquinas and the Fathers of the Church.
  • Michele Marie

    Ah yes. We want to pick and choose parts of a church that ‘suit’ us, that lets us do what we want to do, and put no limits on our ‘freedoms’ -aka sin.