Poem: “Precious Child”

Precious Child

If we wants the child,
The precious,
Get it from mommy and daddy,
How can we does it?

We hides us,
We sneaks around,
Near the ground,
And we calls us, “Village”.

We means “steal,” but we says “raise”.
“Village” is good, “raise” is good.
Takes a village to raise a child!
We gets the precious child !

The child loves us,  Village,
And hates mommy
Hates daddy.
We gets the child to dead them all.

Dead  the mommy and the daddy ,
Dead the aunties and the uncles.
Dead the brothers and the sisters, and
Grandma and Granddad, dead.

All done dead, the family – dead.
Us Village alive.
The precious, the child,

Copyright © Guy McClung 2017

Guy McClung, J.D., Ph.D. received his law degree from the University of Texas and his doctorate in philosophy from Rice University, with a specialization in the philosophy of law. Unable to give up his day job as a patent attorney, he writes in his spare time unless that time is spent with his wife of forty-two years who is pointing him toward heaven. His bedtime reading is St. Thomas Aquinas and the Fathers of the Church.