Coming Out Christian


door in forest woodsSome years ago I proudly came out of the “monogamy closet.” (See comments here.)

Now, after over 42-plus years, my monogamy condition is unabated, in all its forms. I don’t “self identify” as a monogamist. I am a monogamist. Major mass media and Hollywood have had no effect on my ailment, and more than ever I love my one wife.

Hopefully, the courts will order bakers and bakeries across America to make celebratory cakes for me, topped with a miniature gray-haired groom and his one-and-only lovely bride, so I can revel publicly in the love of my wife. (Her name is Karen. From the first time I saw her, she fell in love with me).

Energized by the euphoric, enduring feelings of freedom and fulfillment from my public revelation of monogamy, I am going “all in.” Actually, in this case, “all out.”  All: heart, body, mind, strength, soul. Today standing tall, exiting the religion closet, I am coming out a Christian.

Imagine across America what I have just “triggered.” Can you not envision how some will vilify me for “Christian shaming?” Some enlightened people will castigate me. Intolerant tolerant folks (those non-judgmental elites who tolerate polyamory, polygamy, adultery, even bestiality, pedophilia, and pederasty, etc., but who cannot tolerate Christianity) may file suit against me to silence me. Sensitive caring clergy may try to have me soften the message for the sake of dialogue with heretics.

There will be a flurry of “hate crime legislation” to stifle me and prevent others from publicly coming out Christian. Those offended on politically correct campuses, enjoying student loans financed by my tax money, will demand “Christian free” spaces and will make sure I never get to speak publicly there. They simply have no idea what the early Christians endured, actually welcomed, from the first persecutors.

Ignatius of Antioch, a student of St. John the Apostle, who himself died a martyr being fed to wild beasts, sums it up in his oath, or “sacramentum,” for martyrdom:

May I have joy of the beasts that have been
prepared for me; and I pray that I may find them
prompt; nay I will entice them that they may devour me
promptly, not as they have done to some, refusing to
touch them through fear. Yea though of themselves they
should not be willing while I am ready, I myself will
force them to it. . . . Bear with me. I know what is expedient for me.

Now am I beginning to be a disciple. May nought of
things visible and things invisible envy me; that I
may attain unto Jesus Christ. Come fire and cross and
grapplings with wild beasts, cuttings and manglings,
wrenching of bones, hacking of limbs, crushings of my
whole body, come cruel tortures of the devil to assail
me. Only be it mine to attain unto Jesus Christ.

 (Address to the Romans, Chapter 5).

Try as they as they will, the world rulers of this present darkness – their politicians, their writers and editors, their bureaucrats, their minions, and their president – none of them understand us Christians. They seek signs, and finding none that can be proved, they reject us. They seek human wisdom about us and, reaching the limits of human intelligence and of their human sciences, they reject the divine message. They ridicule us. And hearing us preach Christ crucified, they condemn us because that cannot maintain or increase their worldly power over us.

 I cannot deny this any longer. This is the way I was wonderfully made, to be a Christian. God made me to be a Christian, to know love and serve Him in this world and to be happy with Him in Heaven. Opprobrium, ridicule, rejection, injury, abuse, torture, death- so what? These are nothing compared to the pain of eternal hell fire. And what the world promises is nothing compared to the joy and glory and pleasure and bliss of being with God for all eternity.

And now, as Christian, I pray for all those who malign, censor, condemn, and attack me. Bring it on – because you will gift me with the chance to witness to you – in Greek, to be a ‘martyr’ for you – and I thank God for the chance to help Him bring you back to Him.

So, world, here is my declaration:

I am a Christmas man.

I am a Cana man.

I am a Calvary man.

I am a Cross man.

I am a Crucifixion man.

I am a Christ man.

I am a Christian.

I will not be holding my breath for my “Reserved: Outed Christian” parking space in New York City.

Guy McClung, J.D., Ph.D. received his law degree from the University of Texas and his doctorate in philosophy from Rice University, with a specialization in the philosophy of law. Unable to give up his day job as a patent attorney, he writes in his spare time unless that time is spent with his wife of forty-two years who is pointing him toward heaven. His bedtime reading is St. Thomas Aquinas and the Fathers of the Church.