Poem: “Transfiguration”

(Dedicated to the precious women who profoundly regret their abortions)

How like this little fetus, Holy God,
You writhed, enwombed in suffocating pain,
Until sharp instruments unpumped your blood
And left your form transfigured to a stain.
How like a loving mother’s natal pine
Your prayer, encrypted as a primal groan,
Umbilical from heaven’s soul to mine,
Proved you unwilling to unpair your own.
How like a wand commanding miracles
Your hand, atwitch in death, transmuted blood
Of murder into healing pharmicals,
Coagulating evil into good.
How like one crucified, my little boy
Now makes me, sick with wellness, retch in joy.

Rolley Haggard

Rolley Haggard is manager at a software firm in South Carolina. Self-described as a "closet theologian", he freelances in his spare time on religious and social themes. His comments, articles, and poetry most often appear at Chuck Colson's BreakPoint website.
Rolley is a passionate pro-lifer as may be evinced from the titles of some of his works, including We Could End Abortion 'Overnight' if We Really Wanted To, and Louder than the Silent Scream: the Deafening Silence of our Pulpits. Rolley has advocated for the pre-born on conservative talk radio programs including the Steve Deace Show and Scott Hennen's Common Sense Club. During the 2012 Presidential Election season he and his wife of 38 years drove a "truth truck", emblazoned with graphic pictures of aborted babies, for the Center for Bio-ethical Reform.