Poem: “Beloved”


Beloved, how can you be troubled now
This final hour of unfriendly night,
When Christ has pledged, as with a marriage vow,
To take you to His house of cheery light?
If lavishly He spilled the bottled wine
To celebrate your love; if eagerly
He slipped into the thorny ring as sign
And seal of purest sworn fidelity;
If joyously He cast the veil aside
To steal the honeyed kisses of the mouth
That named Him as her love and she His bride,
How can you suffer any foolish doubt
That He shall shortly take you home as wife
Whose worth to Him He measured with His life?

Rolley Haggard

Rolley Haggard is manager at a software firm in South Carolina. Self-described as a "closet theologian", he freelances in his spare time on religious and social themes. His comments, articles, and poetry most often appear at Chuck Colson's BreakPoint website.
Rolley is a passionate pro-lifer as may be evinced from the titles of some of his works, including We Could End Abortion 'Overnight' if We Really Wanted To, and Louder than the Silent Scream: the Deafening Silence of our Pulpits. Rolley has advocated for the pre-born on conservative talk radio programs including the Steve Deace Show and Scott Hennen's Common Sense Club. During the 2012 Presidential Election season he and his wife of 38 years drove a "truth truck", emblazoned with graphic pictures of aborted babies, for the Center for Bio-ethical Reform.