Poem: “Haunted Heart”

Haunted Heart

I happened upon it so I’ll tell the odd tale
Of a heart that lives where the cold winds wail
On a dark lonely street where shadows are cast
In a town I once found in my heartless old past

Searching for answers, warmed by sunlight
That town nearby was dark like a night
Lost, with no hope but to approach it
I entered where dead hearts resurrected

I shivered with cold, or was it fear
And saw something approach, coming too near
Squinting to see through the dark shadowed night
I saw coming toward me a most awful sight

A heart translucent, beaten, and blackened
Moaning and groaning and seeming so saddened
It floated right by, a ghost so scary
That even the rats seemed frighted and wary

I tried to run but could not move
That place seemed wanting more to prove
The trees began whispering, I strained to hear
“A heart that forsakes whom should be held dear

Must suffer the fate of those it betrayed
Though it’s torment is ‘til death delayed
Alone it must live on deaths’ haunted street
With only we trees with whom to speak…”

I thought I was dead then, feeling so dazed
Indifference so punished left me amazed
But I was given a chance and found myself home
And vowed to love better those near yet alone

Michele Marie

Michele Marie is a poet and creative writer from Illinois.
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