In All the Wrong Places

heart-loveA single mom had an interview for a reality TV show in the UK. The channel was interested in hiring her until they found out she was pregnant. What goes through her mind? That she “has to” have an abortion to get the job.

She naively talked about her job opportunity and her decision to abort for her career to the yellow press and people are outraged. Why? Is it because she is eighteen weeks along? Would it be different if she were eight weeks along? After all, isn’t this the same old Pro-Choice argument that abortion allows us to free ourselves from children who get in the way of a career and fulfilling our dreams? Everything she said makes sense Pro-Choice-wise. But is is good? Is it Truth? Will it bring her joy?

The woman in question, Josie, is prostituting herself and doesn’t know who fathered her child. She also had controversial tax-payer funded breast enlargement surgery. I read that since finding out she was pregnant, she got out of prostitution and is now working on “adult phone lines”. Those details, which she herself feeds tabloids, anger and amuse a self-righteous public who would never do what she does but nevertheless keeps reading the gossip, watching reality TV and has no issues with using porn and prostitutes.

But why aren’t we outraged for the right reasons?
She is a pregnant, single mom of two. Where is dad? Are porn and prostitution the only job opportunities for a single mom? Why do we still exploit women in those humiliating ways today?

Abortion always takes a life and hurts women, it’s not a matter of being past the first trimester. Are we able to speak the truth in love? This young woman has dignity despite her life choices and we should talk to her and about her with respect. We are not the ones to judge her actions.

Big breasts, nudity, reality TV as life goals, those are matters of personal taste, I suppose but what do we do to set higher standards for our girls? How are we challenging and changing this sex-consumer driven culture?

Josie, you don’t need plastic surgery. You don’t need to show every square centimeter of your body. You are a beautiful person, not an object to be used. You don’t have to destroy your child permanently for an ephemeral career. What you need is love and I’m afraid that you won’t find it through “reality TV”, porn, prostitution and abortion.

Beatrice Fedor blogs at 400 Words for Women

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