The Other Woman

I overheard him make the plans.  On his way home from work he picked up the perfect wrist corsage.  He wore his nicest suit, and waved to the kids and I as he drove to her house to pick her up for a night of dancing.

I knew all about her, but I was okay.  And, no, we don’t have an open marriage.

The other woman was 11-year-old Cherrie.  And she and my husband were headed off to the Challenge Club Father – Daughter Dance.

Cherrie is delightful, one of the sweetest girls you’ll meet, raised by her great-grandmother since birth. Cherrie and “mom” run in our circles. Cherrie stayed with us a week when her mom had back surgery. And we have the honor of being second in line to take Cherrie should her mom become ill or die. Cherrie received no shortage of love and Catholic formation, yet her dad has never been in the picture.

And sometimes nothing adequately substitutes for having a dad.

So when a friend asked my husband if he would accompany Cherrie to the Father-Daughter Dance, he was flattered.  Our Gianna was a year too young to participate, so Joe picked Cherrie alone.  They joined the other girls at the jam-packed auditorium.

Joe said Cherrie understandably seemed a bit uncomfortable.  She quickly ran to join many of her friends dancing once they arrived.  But Joe was happy to be her ticket to the fun, not to be kept away by her circumstances.

God never abandons those who are orphans, widows, and fatherless.  With a supportive, loving, community, He helps fill in what is missing.  And I was filled with joy with the opportunity to share our husband and father with another child of God who needed one that night.

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Be plugged into your parish so you can better share your time, talent, and treasure with others in the Body of Christ in need.

Christina M. Weber, MS is a marriage and family therapist with over 18 years in practice and Catholic coach. For more information, please visit  Catholic Women's Guide  and sign up to receive your free 20-part online coaching tool, Transforming Relationships.


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