Stop Big Abortion

abortion memorial[1]An outstanding pro-life Facebook page entitled Big Abortion focuses on the positive aspects of the development of the individual from his creation onward. It contains facts about why celebrating a human being’s life is a positive, and shows that killing him is the ultimate cruelty.

The fact is that Big Abortion is an industry that developed because of greed. In response to this human devastation, pro-life Americans are always thinking about what aborting a child really means to our culture and how we can overcome it.

Big Abortion is the reality of the industry itself that was discussed quite well by Arland Nichols in his article “Big Abortion’s Evolving Profit Structure and the U.S. Health Care Reform Package.” Nichols’ discussion of the ways in which the for-profit industry has manipulated and exploited women in their quest to be sexually active is revealing.

The sad truth is that the root of the moral decay we are witnessing today began with the first marketing campaign for the abortive birth control pill. So how will we turn back the tidal wave?

Big Abortion does have an antidote. It begins with every individual who knows in his gut that, no matter how you cut it, an intentional act or a manufactured chemical that kills an innocent preborn person is fundamentally wrong.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know this. People of all ages, capable of taking an action, can turn this tide. We can undo Big Abortion. In an effort to do so, several organizations are leading the way by encouraging pro-life activities. For example, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust published a list for students entitled “10 Ways to End Abortion this Summer.” The activist organization Stand True published a similar list. In addition, American Life League has issued a list for people of all ages entitled “100+ Pro-Life Things You Can Do.”

In other words, there is at least one thing that every single person can do on a daily basis—not to mention weekly and beyond—to combat the culture of death. As each pro-life American becomes energized and acts for life, the more hearts and minds will be informed about the facts.

A recent news article entitled “Women Are Having Fewer Kids, and Demographers Don’t Know Why” makes my point. The reporter uses statistical graphs to examine this trend and alleges that the economy is the reason why women are having fewer children than ever before. However, the glaring omission from the article is any reference to the facts about the widespread use of contraception and its companion—abortion—as a way for the modern woman to avoid having babies in the first place. In addition, both contraception and abortion can lead to infertility—another subject not discussed in the report.

To blame an ailing financial economy for the results of a morally bankrupt economy of values is absurd. But that is the world in which we must work for a dramatic shift in attitude toward respect for the dignity of the human person.

The opportunity we have requires us to use our actions to teach our friends, family members, and others that there is hope once we reject the culture of death in America. The more we understand the facts and the true nature of Big Abortion, the more we can help others learn the truth.

The more frequently we shine a light in the darkness, the greater the prospect for success.

Each of us must become part of the solution because the status quo is simply unacceptable.

We can stop Big Abortion.

This article is courtesy of the American Life League.