Poem: “Wild Riding Kingdom”

Wild Riding Kingdom


Wild animals took flight
before a tsunami clouded
the land with rushing water
pushed by shifting plates
below the sea, yet we could
not see it coming. Magellan
saw clouds of dwarf galaxies
three billion years away but
did not know what we know:
Some stars eat each other.


Black holes have no glow.
A quaking earth consumes
itself in darkness. Some
say dark matter swallowed
one-quarter of the universe.
Some say nothing outraces
light at 700 million miles an
hour, yet nothing will stand
still to hear Light sing.


Some say galaxies flee at
90,000 miles per second, but
some still speak of God who
stays behind. In 1927 Catholic
priest Georges Lemaître said
The Creator began this world
in fireworks, setting the Big
Bang into notion faster than
motions of light, and from
that first day, clouds of stars
left us in the dust,
our universe in this endless
genesis of faith.

 Mary Sayler

Mary Harwell Sayler is a lifelong lover of Christ, the Bible, the Church, prayer, and poetry. Her published works include hundreds of poems and 27 books in all genres. She discusses poetry forms and techniques on the Poetry Editor & Poetry blog.