Poem: “Forgive me, Lord, for praising me”

Forgive me, Lord, for praising me

the show-off, the classy
clown, the all-star player,
the sassy comeback,
the all-A everything,
who sometimes forgets
that praise belongs to You.

Forgive me,
Heavenly Father-Mother,
for seeking adulation
from others,
for people-pleasing
then performing poorly
because I didn’t follow the script –
the Holy Scriptures You gave.

Save me from myself, Lord!
Help my light to shine as a
spotlight focused on You alone –
a searchlight looking for You
in all things and, oh, and, oh!
hearing Your word, “Well-done!”

Mary Harwell Sayler, © 2015

Mary Harwell Sayler is a lifelong lover of Christ, the Bible, the Church, prayer, and poetry. Her published works include hundreds of poems and 27 books in all genres. She discusses poetry forms and techniques on the Poetry Editor & Poetry blog.