Poem: “Who Sends These Winds?”

Who Sends These Winds?

How can you say you are alone, my love,
Feel the rays of the fuse set up high
Warming, giving life, giving light
To frigid lonely flesh
In heat served up fresh each morning?

How can you say I’m not here?
Here come the galloping winds
Here come the playful winds
Here come the loving winds
Here come the musical winds

Tousling your hair just brushed
Caressing your cheek with the back of its hand
Setting music to your movements
Rushing through branches and leaves
The violins of mature cottonwoods

In an symphony of movement and sound
To silence your silence…
Too calm your nerves
And give flight to your troublesome thoughts
Hear me out

My love,
You are not alone

Michele Marie

Michele Marie is a poet and creative writer from Illinois.
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