Poem: “Empty”


You eat from my table,
And leave me nothing.
Then you lay upon my form
This weighty cauldron,
Dank and empty.
It presses mightily,
Withholding air that gives rhyme and reason to life
Destroying my frame.
I show you the door
But you raise your brow and smirk
Then folding your arms, you lean against my wall.
‘Bless you!’ I force, shaking my head.
Had you never crept onto this earth
I never would have cared to leave this place
To seek that orchard where the soil is rich,
Where sumptuous fruit burdens great branches
Bending them low with their weight
And much fruit lays rotting for sheer abundance.
Knowledge of the Divine
I will have it!
I leave for new territories
Save your words!
Now see the flint in my eye
Not even death can stop me!
(You must know that though
The Sun may beat me
Or the sands may swallow me,
Death is only
The first flutter
Of newly gotten flight-
I fear no such flight)
This walk is worthwhile.
This walk is worthwhile.

Michele Marie

Michele Marie is a poet and creative writer from Illinois.
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