Poem: “We Wise-men Three”

We Wise-men Three

The rarity of that burning star,
Object of my study for days,
Beckoned my soul to a journey far,
Beyond my imagining gaze.

Embarking with convoy twenty strong,
And the sole star ever in sight,
I trespassed lonely deserts long,
Still unsure of my flight.

Not alone was I in my cosmic chase.
Two others to me unknown,
Had set out from royal pompous place,
With laden beasts of their own.

Our paths intersected at Bethlehem’s gate,
And much to our surprise,
The gleaming star turned a brighter state,
Transforming before our eyes.

In that moment the meaning was clear;
A great King was born this day
Who’d wash away both dread and drear,
And unite heaven with clay.

We brought Him gifts of precious Myrrh,
Gold and Incense so fine.
But He gave us a gift even greater
True man and true God divine.

Fr. Thomas Flynn, LC

Fr. Thomas Flynn, LC has worked in forming seminarians for over 5 years. He is author of Priests on Call, and has a licentiate degree in philosophy from the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorumin Rome where he is currently studying for his licentiate degree in theology.  He can be reached at tflynn@legionaries.org.