Poem: “Wisdom and the Wise”

Wisdom and the Wise

When Wisdom came to us
He was but a little Babe,
Which startled the studious
So clouded in reasoning grave.

Three wise-men seeking Wisdom
Studied long the celestial map
In hope of a foreign Kingdom
Revealed by the slightest hap.

So answering a starry petition
That seemed to be heaven sent,
They set out like little children
Wrapped up in pure merriment.

Now Wisdom surprised the wise
With a sign that seemed uncouth,
And those who saw it’s disguise
Were transformed again to youth.

For Christmas crowns the children
Present in both you and me
And invites us to ponder the omen
Of Wisdom in a child’s simplicity

Fr. Thomas A. Flynn, LC

Fr. Thomas Flynn, LC has worked in forming seminarians for over 5 years. He is author of Priests on Call, and has a licentiate degree in philosophy from the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorumin Rome where he is currently studying for his licentiate degree in theology.  He can be reached at tflynn@legionaries.org.