Poem: “We are Going Somewhere. We are on Our Way”

We are Going Somewhere. We are on Our Way

I look in the rearview mirror
My young son is thrilled
Adrenaline pumped, anticipation heavy
I’ve not told him where we’re going

Whether a trip to the grocery store
Or fabulous Toy place
A drive around the block to home
Or off to a friend’s house to play

He doesn’t know and only thinks-
‘We are going somewhere-
We’re on our way!’
When they are young, that is enough for them

When the winds of life seize us
With bizarre twists
Currents and updrafts
Too powerful to fight-

In time it teaches us
To flow and let go,
Like a leaf carried on the wind-
Trusting the Father above

We may not see our destination
But like a child we accept,
‘We are going somewhere
We’re on our way.’

Michele Marie

Michele Marie is a poet and creative writer from Illinois.
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