Poem: “Truth: Platinum of Highest Purity”

Truth: Platinum of Highest Purity

Promising ground has been found
Hopeful men send for the drill
The steel bit rotates its teeth
Grinding and crushing through rock and earth
Till it reaches rich oil.

Men dig long tunnels
The hired go to the pipes
Drilling, blasting, crushing, and sorting
They strip the cave of blue ground
Before the diamond is exposed.

Others labor hard for Truth
Placed deep in the core of man,
A Platinum of greatest density,
Truth must be drawn
Like everlasting water from a well

Else its weight may sink the man
To the earth’s fiery core
Where, like a raging fire
Consumes the forest wood
Leaving red-hot embers,

The fiery core
Consumes the dry wood
Of a soul
As forgotten as it has
Forsaken Truth

Michele Marie

Michele Marie is a poet and creative writer from Illinois.
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