Poem: “The Arrival”

The Arrival

Arrival of what, perhaps you ask?
What is so important, am I up for the task?

There are presents to buy, wrap and give,
I have a life and I’ve got it to live.

It’s Christmas after all, what’s else matters,
lights and trees, and gifts that flatter.
What does it matter if my faith is in tatters?
Jesus was then and this is now
He is pas-ay, old news, irrelevant somehow.

Now hold on a minute I have some thoughts to share,
open your mind and listen if you dare.
What kind of friend would leave you to die
rotting in sin, filthy and why?

Wouldn’t you be happier in heaven my friend,
singing with angels, joy without end?
Into being you came, by God’s simple thought,
you were ransomed, my friend your salvation He bought.

Despite all this, He knew the choices you’d make,
excluding Him, choosing wrong, living for your own sake.
You are worth any price, so the cross He did take,
crushed and bruised all for our sake.

T’was better to suffer such painful torment
eternity with you was worth every cent,
so He laid down His life, and to the grave He went.

So consider this gift that comes in a manger
not wrapped up in gold, nor any stranger.

Your Savior and your King, desiring your love
the best Christmas gift ever, sent from above.

Barbara Lishko

Barbara Lishko works full time as a Lay Catholic Marriage Minister. She and her husband Mark, an ordained Deacon, have been married for 35 years and are blessed with five young adult children, whose lives grow and expand through marriage and grandchildren.

Through the inspiration of her family, work in the Catholic Church and wacky life experiences her dream of writing was born. She is the recipient of the Diocese of Phoenix St Terese of Lisieux award. Barbara can be reached at blishko_58@yahoo.com