Poem: “Shrouded”


Woman of the veil, exhaling
let me breathe in the presence
of Almighty God:
Father-Mother of Abraham,
Isaac, Jacob, Judah, Joseph,
Jesus, and, yes, your Ishmael.

Will you remain with him,
in a desert wilderness,
waiting to be blessed
as promised,
or will you show your face
as Hagar and I – in peace –
have come to make amends
with our kin, Sarah?

May we three be, too,
impressed by One
                        Living God,
regardless of our heritage
or most contented clan.

Show yourself just
to your own daughters,
if you must,
but let my sons see
the small dove
sheltered in your hand.

 Mary Harwell Sayler

Mary Harwell Sayler is a lifelong lover of Christ, the Bible, the Church, prayer, and poetry. Her published works include hundreds of poems and 27 books in all genres. She discusses poetry forms and techniques on the Poetry Editor & Poetry blog.

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