Poem: “Sailor’s Calm”

Sailor’s Calm

Calm serene days
Sizzling stifling doldrums…

Crystal clear depths
Beneath a silver blue mirror

A sailor’s calm…
Calm seas do not make a skilled sailor

Off in the distance
Mushroom clouds inflate!

Horizon blackens
Trade wind wall shatters the calm

The mirror splinters
Small glittering shards, dancing lights

Shards fade to gray
Then black

Pull in the sails!
Tie off the lines!

Foaming waves lift and churn
You are tossed in dangerous depths

Palms bleed, arms sorely stretched
Feet pierced by debris

Waves subdue
Rough waters sink

Weathered, bronzed
You rise stronger than before

The wisdom of a ship’s Captain
The badge of rough seas.

Michele Marie

Michele Marie is a poet and creative writer from Illinois.
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