Poem: “Perception”


The cabin boy did his best
As the wind tore at his clothes.
The men said,”gods are angry,
At whom, no one knows.”

Awakened, Jonah stood there
And he knew in his heart
The Lord’s wrath for him
Would cease if he departed.

The boy prayed to his god
But didn’t yet understand
Why his god didn’t answer,
Could it be due to this man?

Jonah who was the stranger,
Jonah who prayed to Another,
Was it possible he had the answer
None of them had uncovered?

They lifted him high or did he jump?
Just as Jonah hit the cold ocean,
The stormy winds calmed down,
Sea smooth as glass, no motion.

The cabin boy fell to his knees,
Offering praise to the Lord.
Jonah’s God was God of all,
Jonah was a man of his word!

The boy’s heart was opened.
He knew Jonah spoke the truth
About his Lord, the God of all
And what his God could do.

The boy watched with faith
As the fish opened wide
What could be God’s plan
When Jonah disappeared inside?

Brenda Kay Farber

Brenda Kay Farber is a Catholic housewife, mother and grandmother who enjoys jasmine tea, chocolate chip cookies, quilting and reading.