Poem: “The Weaver”

The Weaver
Inspired by Mk 6:34-44

The other boys laughed when he walked kinda slow.
They stole his sandals and tore at his clothes.
They made him the butt of all of their pranks,
Yet he prayed for them, each night giving thanks.

He spent most of his time, alone by the sea-
The lonely little boy who just loved to weave.
He weaved strong baskets of all shapes and sizes
For carrying heavy loads or fishing trip prizes.

Carefully choosing the best reeds to use
Soaking them all day to make colorful hues.
He hid all he made so the others would not see
For they teased him about weaving, alone by the sea.

One sunny day as a crowd gathered round,
He walked over to see what all the fuss was about.
A man came to ask him to help out if he would
His baskets were needed to hold extra food.

He gladly brought baskets, so proud of his work
The boys who had teased him stood there and smirked.
They would have been humbled if they’d only known,
His baskets held the extra fishes and loaves.

Brenda Kay Farber

Brenda Kay Farber is a Catholic housewife, mother and grandmother who enjoys jasmine tea, chocolate chip cookies, quilting and reading.