Poem: “Is it Firmament? Or Quicksand?”

Is it Firmament? Or Quicksand?

Does the kingdom of the world know
Of the Kingdom of God?
Most assuredly so.
But the reigning prince blinds
The eyes of his subjects.

For were they to know their fortune,
They would abandon him.
His trickery is beguiling,
His promises deceiving,
Their fortune is terror.

Not so the children of God,
The daughters and sons of Abraham,
Their reward is great in Heaven,
For their lives have been truthful,
Faithful and loving.
To them belong riches beyond all riches,
To them belong the promises of God.

Take heart O child upon whose kingdom you walk.
Be assured as to where you place your foot.
Is it firmament? Or quicksand?

Be attentive to the words of the Lord.
Listen in your heart.
Is your fruit acceptable?

You must know.
You must care.
Or all is lost.

Trust fully in the Lord.
Accept His training.
Be humble and contrite
And know the Joy.

There are none who follow the Lord
Who are lost.
It is not possible.
The fainthearted will fail.
The persevering shall survive.

Thus it will be in the Kingdom:
To those with much,
More will be given;
Those with little will
Lose what they have.

Whose child are you?
A child of the Light?
Or a child of the darkness?

Walk in the Light and live.

L. Lapiz

L.Lapiz retired after 38 years in the of fire protection industries and services.  Other than marriage and the birth of his children, the outstanding events in his life were visiting Fatima and meeting Mother Theresa.