Poem: “I Am Pleased to be in Your Service”

I Am Pleased to be in Your Service

If I am, why am I, God?
What is my purpose?
What deeds lie ahead of me
on this road?

Will they be wondrous or cowardly acts?
Will they bring praise or condemnation?
Could either serve Your purpose?

Whatever You have in store,
Whatever is Your will for me
I dare not go against You;
It is useless.

You, are the heavenly hunter;
none escape. Your traps are set;
Your bait is scented-
The perfume of heaven.

The glory of Your word is an enrapturing song;
The music fills the soul and draws me near;
My heart inside begins to glow.
With the warmth of Your love upon me.

There I am captured;
I am bonded to you forever;
I will do Your will always;
I am pleased to be in Your service.

L. Lapiz 12/3/01

L.Lapiz retired after 38 years in the of fire protection industries and services.  Other than marriage and the birth of his children, the outstanding events in his life were visiting Fatima and meeting Mother Theresa.