Poem: “In His Place I”

In His Place I

“Ecce Homo!” Pilate pronounced
As thunder pealed across the murky sky.
While standing still upon the steps
I heard the crowd and their chaotic cry
Let him die!
Let him die!
Take him away to crucify!

My body was torn by centurions
Who flogged my flesh with their violent swing,
But the crowd’s cries drove deeper still
Piercing my heart with their wicked sting.
He’s no king!
He’s no king!
Let us see what his death shall bring!

Familiar faces I saw below,
Those who I nourished with fish and bread,
But now their hunger for innocent blood
I must feed with my life instead.
On they said,
On they said,
We would rather he be dead!

Fr. Thomas Flynn, LC

Fr. Thomas Flynn, LC has worked in forming seminarians for over 5 years. He is author of Priests on Call, and has a licentiate degree in philosophy from the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorumin Rome where he is currently studying for his licentiate degree in theology.  He can be reached at tflynn@legionaries.org.