Poem: “I am a Tabernacle for Jesus”

I am a Tabernacle for Jesus

Blessed Imelda taught me this.
I hold Him in my heart,
And sweet Jesus gives me a kiss.

I hold Him for everyone,
Even though none can see.
I prove and show I hold Him
By being as holy as I can be.

Jesus my Love, Jesus my God,
Jesus my everlasting Savior!
Jesus my King, Jesus my Lord,
Jesus my Friend forever!

But in this whole quest
To give food to the hungry world,
I need to be fed too.
Who will hold Him for me?
Who will be Christ for me, who?

Mama Mary, that’s your job,
To be my Mother and my Tabernacle.
Give me Jesus out of your Heart:
He is so happy there that
He is sure to bless me.

Then I can do my job better,
To hold Him for the world.

Marcelo Ortiz

Marcelo Ortiz is a 7th grader at a Jesuit school in NY. He believes he is being called to be a priest some day, and possibly a missionary. Marcelo's best friend is Queen Mary, because she brings him his God in her perfect way. Whenever Marcelo is lonely, in need, joyful, or at any time at all, Mary is always his friend, and Marcelo talks to her very often. Marcelo's sword is his Rosary, and his shield the Brown Scapular, and these he uses every day. Some things Marcelo has been gifted with are languages (currently, Latin and Hebrew), writing and Theology. He also does martial arts.