Poem: “An Ode to the Mystery of the Trinity”

An Ode to the Mystery of the Trinity

God Holy Jesus
Mary is their love
Jesus Mary Joseph
The family of the Dove

Jesus Mary Joseph
God is their love
God the Holy Trinity
Family from heaven above

These five are untied
Mater Pater Son
Who shall ponder this mystery?
Beyond us it shall run

How can I begin to ponder
These triangles which collide .
Jesus is the connection
From the earth- to heavenly side

Alas! I am in this!
Connected to Jesus or Mary
By Mary to Jesus I’m carried
As a heir of Abram and Sarai

Wonders of wonders! God would choose me!
In all my sin, he has made me holy
I have been born of royal heir,
So let me stride to his throne, to worship for’er

Let the Three-some be blessed!
As my soul they test
And in all paradise
Let my laud be heard thrice.

Marcelo Ortiz

Marcelo Ortiz is a 7th grader at a Jesuit school in NY. He believes he is being called to be a priest some day, and possibly a missionary. Marcelo's best friend is Queen Mary, because she brings him his God in her perfect way. Whenever Marcelo is lonely, in need, joyful, or at any time at all, Mary is always his friend, and Marcelo talks to her very often. Marcelo's sword is his Rosary, and his shield the Brown Scapular, and these he uses every day. Some things Marcelo has been gifted with are languages (currently, Latin and Hebrew), writing and Theology. He also does martial arts.