Poem: “Good Friday”

“Good Friday”

Deus meus, Deus meus,
O my Lord,
Save us, save us,
Through your mercy
Save us.
Adam, see what you started,
Eve, see what you did,
All your sins, and yours and mine,
He was somehow able to forgive.
Hear that sound, it is a gong,
A solitary steady song,
Hear it signal the end of strife,
And the beginning of our newer life.

First Station

There is anger in your eyes
Wrath unbridled
Betrayed and shaken by their lies
Truth defiled.
Peace to you is all I say
Hope so willing
Serenity please, I pray
Pain o’er spilling
Heart still hoping,
Head still bleeding
Love o’er flowing

Matthew B. Rose

Matthew B. Rose received his BA (History and Literature) and MA (Systematic Theology) from Christendom College.  He teaches  middle-schoolers history and English in a large Catholic parish school.  Matthew also runs a Catholic Q & A  blog (quidquidestest.wordpress.com) and a random, more personal blog (http://freakingawesomeblog.blogspot.com).