Poem: “First Encounter”

First Encounter

Mary sat down with utmost care
As a burst of joy from her pure heart rose
For the Child awoke from his slumbered repose
Deep within her womb-kept lair.
A tiny kick though a grand affair
To the Virgin Mary whom the Father chose
As it revealed the presence of her little Rose
Promised to be God’s holy Heir.
So she sat in wondering thought
Of the Child present in her quiet womb
And the grace she was given to mother her Lord.
Now placing her hands on her tummy taught
She lifted up from her inner room
A prayer of thanks to the God she adored.

Fr. Thomas Flynn, LC

Fr. Thomas Flynn, LC has worked in forming seminarians for over 5 years. He is author of Priests on Call, and has a licentiate degree in philosophy from the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorumin Rome where he is currently studying for his licentiate degree in theology.  He can be reached at tflynn@legionaries.org.