Poem: “Cutthroat: A Friendly Game of Words with Friends”

Cutthroat: A Friendly Game of Words with Friends

The letters mock me
As they line up
In alphabetical order
And challenge me
to rearrange them
In some semblance
Of brilliance
To disarm my opponent —
Or at least
Block that triple
Dangling its
Promise of a high
Score —
If I can’t have it
She must fail, too.

But that’s not very sporting
Of me, is it?


Then don’t play me.
I like to win.

Maria Morera Johnson

María Morera Johnson teaches composition and literature at a technical college in Georgia, and consults and writes about trends in post-secondary education. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Star Quest Production Network (sqpn.com) and co-hosts Catholic Weekend, a weekly current events podcast.