Poem: “Climb the High Mountain Peaks”

Climb the High Mountain Peaks

For the glory of God, all things are to be done,
For the glory of God is the servants’ cry,
For the Glory of God is all that should be sought,
For man is but an instant.
God is eternal.

Seek not the pleasures of this life
For your own satiation.
Learn to endure without,
For the glory of God.
For what is self-indulgence,
But a rapid downhill slide,
Whilst endurance and patience
Climb the high mountain peaks.

Listen then as these words flow upon you.
Listen intently to what I say.
It has no purpose,
There is no meaning,
Unless it gives glory to God.

Review your life while there is still time.
Is what you do of service to God?
Do you give Him glory in even the smallest of things?
If not, I pray you begin right now.

L. Lapiz

L.Lapiz retired after 38 years in the of fire protection industries and services.  Other than marriage and the birth of his children, the outstanding events in his life were visiting Fatima and meeting Mother Theresa.