Poem: “Christmas 2011, I Want to get it Right”

Christmas 2011, I Want to get it Right

At one Black Friday shopping frenzy
A lady uses pepper spray
Causing burning and panic

Outside a mall, a large crowd waits anxiously
To get their Air Jordan’s XI retro concords
A man shoots his gun in the crowd

The line outside the Coach Purse store
Snakes outside into the cold on Christmas Eve
Buyers wonder, “Will I get mine?”

When Best Buy doesn’t deliver
One customer declares,
“Christmas is ruined!”

I am no better,
But maybe this Christmas
Can I try harder to get it right?

Can gifts take second place
To the celebration of the day
That brought us the Messiah?

He brings a new way
From “An eye for an eye”
To “Forgive those that do you wrong…love your enemies”

Will I remember the hope and light
That came into a dark world through the birth of a child?
Well, I have a whole year to get it right.

Michele Marie

Michele Marie is a poet and creative writer from Illinois.
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