Poem: “Be His Boatman, Be His Mountaineer”

Be His Boatman, Be His Mountaineer

Praise and Glory to God,
The King of all salvation.
It is He Who has given us Jesus,
It is He Who has set us free.

Praise Him, children, with your whole being,
With your life give testimony to His goodness.
Let the mountains peal
With the sounds of His songs,
Let the rivers carry His love.

Be His boatman, be His mountaineer,
Show faith in all you do,
Be not ashamed to cry for your brother,
Be not haughty to give alms.

Rejoice in the work before you,
Rejoice in the Glory of God,
For the paint knows not the story it tells
When it is in the hand of the Master.
And its job is not done ’til it dries.

So avail yourself to the Master’s hand,
Let Him rule your life,
Bring all that you can to what is at hand,
Then trust in the view of the Master.

For His is the view that really counts;
He is the planner and Maker.
His is the view that is worthwhile,
And we are the paint that dries.

L. Lapiz

L.Lapiz retired after 38 years in the of fire protection industries and services.  Other than marriage and the birth of his children, the outstanding events in his life were visiting Fatima and meeting Mother Theresa.