Poem: “Baby Bump? Blob?”

Baby Bump? Blob?

The rulers have babies;
The ruled, warts and blobs.
Preborn ruler babies,
‘Til birth, sweet heartthrobs.

The princess, with child;
The peasants, cell masses.
Children are frowned on
For the low lower classes.

Preborn white scion daughter,
So good for the nation.
Why not budding black blobs?
Location, location, location.

Anglo aristocrat in utero,
Rejoice, adulation.
Why not brown tissue clumps?
Location, location, location.

With God, glory.
With Satan, damnation.
Eternity’s difference,
Location, location, location.

Copyright © Guy McClung 2014

Guy McClung is a granddad who loves his children and grandchildren, and as a Patent Attorney helps people develop inventions. He lives in San Antonio Texas with his wife Karen who has stayed with him for 41+ years.