Poem: “Animated Pen”

Animated Pen

WRITE the story of your life.
Write the STORY of your life.
Write the story of YOUR LIFE.

Write with crayons gathered off the floor
        after a long day of Legos, carpools, and snack requests fulfilled.
Write on bed sheets changed, and washed, and changed
        day after wet night, after night.
Write your story on walls decorated with
        stick cavemen and d-o-g  spelled backward.

Write YOUR story outlined by the events
       Divine Providence sends you
       minute after day after year.

Write using warm, runny yogurt smeared on kitchen windows.
Write choosing broken Lancome lipstick
         freed from a toddler’s hands, lips, and sailor dress.
Write spreading marshmellow fluff
         on the peanut butter pages of your day.


Thirty-four thousand days, about, you’re given.
Writing themselves without your authorship.
God, the author, requires you: Pen.

Pen, purposely pick yourself up.
       Pray on Page One as the dew
               evaporates unveiling today’s seeds.
       Pray each page as you intentionally
              discern the germ within your hands.
       Pray your “The End” reaping fruit
              harvested from seed sown in its proper soil.

Write with the grace of faith
       that  your life has meaning.
       It must be written.
Write with the heart of hope
        Christ’s victory has been won:
        once for everybody’s everyday!
Write with the language of love
       On laughter lines each day delivers
        when a thankful heart is born.

Write with Mother Theresa’s smile on your lips,
        her prolific pen in your hand.

What will you write today?
United to Christ,
WRITE the GOSPEL, the Good News, of YOUR LIFE, well lived.

Stacy Peterson

Stacy received a BA in PSCI from VaTech and taught for several years. As a former Marine reservist and Officer Candidate, she brings Semper Fidelis to her vocation as wife and mother. She ponders the world around her and on occasion pens an essay. She may be reached at stacypeterson40@hotmail.com.