Poem: “Am I to be Silenced?”

Am I to be Silenced?

Am I never to sing Your song, my God?
Am I to be silenced?
Am I never to sing Your song, my God,
Like the birds who nest in the tree?

Will my voice be taken away,
Never to carry a note?
Will the song be stilled in my throat,
Never to know a warbling note?

I fear, I fear it will come to this,
If you do not help me now.
The songs, the songs, the beautiful songs,
Will all be lost in my throat.

Touch me greatly, touch me strong,
Make a change in me,
That I may sing in glorious sounds,
The songs you have placed in me.

L. Lapiz

L.Lapiz retired after 38 years in the of fire protection industries and services.  Other than marriage and the birth of his children, the outstanding events in his life were visiting Fatima and meeting Mother Theresa.