How American Idol Can Make Your Website a Star

You can learn a lot from watching American Idol year after year. That’s because American Idol offers real lessons about what makes a star.

When the top 24 are selected, there are so many wonderful singers that I always wonder, “How will one person ever rise to the top?”

But, inevitably, someone does.

We, the audience, watch week after week. We see that although someone has a great voice, they just don’t have the “it” factor … the star quality.

The judges repeatedly tell contestants to dig deep and really “understand what you are trying to communicate to the audience.”

Eventually, the best singers rise to the top. And although only one “idol” is selected, usually there are a several others who also exhibit that star quality and go on to have successful careers.

Today, there are lots of great websites. They are organized well with stunning products.

How can one outshine the others in its market?

That’s the dilemma for you the website owner.

Owners need to really think about who they are, whom they wish to serve, and what makes them better and different from the competition. That is, “What makes their business a star?”

Here are just a few ideas:

Customer Service — All the American Idol contestants say they’re the next winner. And all businesses say they have the best customer service. Saying it doesn’t cut it. You need to prove it. Testimonials help, but they need to be outstanding. Have you taken the time to develop your testimonials to make them richer? Often customers will say something nice, but banal. A skilled interviewer/writer can coax an exceptional testimonial from a client.

Emotional Connection — It’s not just about the singing. American Idol works hard to help the audience make an emotional connection with the singers by showing glimpses of their private lives and personalities. What are you doing to help your prospects make an emotional connection with your product or services?

Be Yourself — Less-showy American Idol stars often bypass the flashy singers simply by being themselves. Figure out what you’re best at doing and delivering … and do that. Don’t try to shoehorn yourself and your business into something you’re not.

Have Fun and Mix Things Up — American Idol takes the audience backstage and exploits spontaneous moments. You can do that, too. Give a random nice gift to a customer as she walks out the door. She’ll rave about your store to her friends, maybe even her 200-plus friends on Facebook!

Like the American Idol contestants, you need to find that special something, if you want your website to stand out from the pack of other pretty websites

Katherine Andes, our SEO consultant, is a web specialist who focuses on copywriting for SEO (search engine optimization) for websites. She is the co-author with Matt Pinto of the best selling Catholic apologetic flash cards, Friendly Defenders. Ramp up your company's online impact with her weekly Easy Web Tips.

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