Add Gravitas to Your Comments with a Gravatar

Ghost AvatarHave you ever noticed that in the comments following articles, including Catholic Lane’s,  that some people have their pictures next to the comment?

Other comments just have a “ghost silhouette” to represent the commentator.

A picture of you will look so much better than a ghost.

A picture immediately makes the reader think, “How cool is that? He knows how to get his picture in there and I’m clueless. He knows his stuff, I’m going to read his comment.”

So how do you get one of those pictures next to your posts? For most of today’s blogs, all you have to do is go get a Gravatar.

You simply go to gravatar.com. Then follow the simple instructions. Be sure to have a nice headshot of yourself handy to upload.

Get ready to look tech savvy when you post your comments! See you below!