Burst by Kevin Wells — A Beautifully Written Catholic Memoir

Burst: A Story of God’s Grace When Life Falls Apart  is the Catholic memoir to read when you want a well-written, inspirational story that won’t take weeks to complete.  It’s a small book with a big message and one-of-a-kind stories

I met Kevin Wells through our editor.  We both went through the same publishing house, Servant Books, and signed our books together at the National Shrine recently.  What a great guy!  He dubbed me “Servant Sister” and that makes him my “Servant Brother.”

I bought his book, had him sign it for me, and immediately started reading it.  It starts with him being taken to a hospital when his brain starts bleeding, and so the title, “Burst,” refers to blood vessels bursting. 
What Kevin suffered through will make anyone shake their head in dismay.  How could this happen to a young father and husband in good health?  But, severe illness and brushes with death can bring blessings, and through this book, Kevin shares his with us.

Suffering can refine people’s perspective on life and bring them closer to God.  Kevin already had a close relationship with God prior to his illness, so I think that means that his pain and misery brought him especially close to God.  Sitting in that spot with him may help you come to some important realizations too.

With this unique perspective, Kevin takes us through his early career as a sports writer, struggles with infertility, and the nightmare of losing his beloved uncle, Monsignor Wells, to a murderer.  He takes us through the adoption of his three children and the healing power of God.  I’m talking real physical healing…through the intercession of the saints.  Yes – miracles still happen!

And the writing – oh the writing!  He’s a real pro.  I re-read many of his exquisitely crafted sentences.  You will seldom find such beautiful writing in a contemporary Catholic non-fiction book.  This book gives you a powerful story of God’s grace that is very Catholic without sacrificing style or the art of words.  You will also laugh; Kevin has a great sense of humor.  He’ll certainly write many more books!

Kevin Wells is a writer you want to discover early on.  Buy Burst.  It’s the perfect length for a lazy weekend, a retreat, or a snowy day!  Later, when Kevin is on some prestigious literary list, you’ll say, “Oh, I was a fan from the beginning.”

Amy Bonaccorso is a life coach, dating expert, and the award-winning author of  How to Get to ‘I Do’ – A Dating Guide for Catholic Women. Her work is regularly featured on radio, television, print and online media outlets. Before becoming a full-time coach and writer, she led a successful decade-long career as a communications professional in the federal government. Visit her at www.amybonaccorso.com and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.