Book Review: The Imitation of Mary by Fr. Quan Tran

Keys to Grow in Virtue and Grace

Fr. Quan Tran, Roman Catholic priest and Author has written a book offering keyways to grow in love of the Lord through growth in virtue and grace.  The book is beautifully written with each chapter focusing on a key element of how we can grow in imitation of Our Lady while at the same time expanding our love of God and of neighbor in the greatest of ways.

In Imitation of Mary

Fr. Quan laces the book with inspiration from the saints, Holy Scripture, and points to ponder to help Catholics grow in the life of prayer and in response to the God is constantly offering to us in our daily lives as a gift.  Our response to the gift of life and faith is our decision to grow in all the virtues by carefully living out a life imitating our Blessed Mother.

What You Will Learn in This Book

Some of the points of learning in the book are the major obstacles of living a life of faith, what to do when crisis occurs in life, and the four levels of happiness and how to acquire them.  Many more points are presented all in growth of faith and virtue through Our Lady.  Mary is presented as a role model of faith in Fr. Quan’s book, and he guides the reader in real-life ways to be able to practice the Catholic faith each day as a humble servant like Mary.  To purchase the book, go to https://www.sophiainstitute.com/.

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