Top 10 Reasons to Use NFP

10. NFP is based on scientific fact and modern technology.
We’re not talking the “Rhythm Method” here! The rhythm, or calendar, method is the “Model T” of today’s NFP methods, which are based on over 30 years of scientific research on human fertility.

9. NFP users learn more about their bodies and about their fertility.
With NFP, both spouses are taught to understand the nature of fertility and work with it – family planning becomes a joint effort! A woman’s body provides naturally occurring signs that identify the fertile time in her cycle – any woman can use NFP even if she does not have “regular cycles.” The husband is encouraged to “tune in” to his wife’s body and both are encouraged to speak openly and often about their sexual desires and thoughts about family size.

8. NFP is between 97– 99% effective when avoiding or postponing a pregnancy.
Scientific evidence verifies this. For example, see: Maclyn E. Wady, Phyllis McCarthy, et al., “A random prospective study of the use-effectiveness of two methods of natural family planning,” Am. J. Ob and Gyn 141:4 (15 Oct 1981) 368-376.

7. NFP can also be very effective in achieving a pregnancy.
When couples are taught by a competent instructor and follow the rules of the method, NFP is highly successful in helping couples reach their family planning goals, whether they choose to achieve or avoid a pregnancy. NFP is the safe and healthy alternative to reproductive procedures that are expensive and dangerous to a woman’s heath.

6. NFP is easy to use.
According to the World Heath Organization (WHO), 98% or women can learn to identify their own times of fertility and infertility in the cycle.

5. NFP is all-natural and very “organic.”
NFP is very “green!” NFP enables couples to respect their bodies, their relationship, and the environment. Every form of contraception involves some medical risk. NFP is completely safe with NO harmful side effects. No chemicals, drugs or devices are put inside the woman’s body.

4. NFP is very inexpensive.
In these strenuous financial times, this is very important. NFP costs nothing more than the initial price of learning the method and the materials.

3. NFP is “marriage insurance.”
The divorce rate for NFP users is between 2-5%. With the overall divorce rate topping 50%, this “insurance” is well worth the investment! For more info, see: Kippley, John & Sheila. The Art of Natural Family Planning. (Cincinnati: CCLI, 1996) 288.

2. NFP fosters authentic marital love, respect, honesty and good communication.
Sexual intercourse is meant to be a free and total self-gift. Acting out of uncontrollable desire or compulsion is not a free self-gift. NFP requires self-mastery which in turn shows the value of the “yes” of sexual intercourse. By using NFP, couples are encouraged to communicate honestly about needs, desires, and goals, thus fostering a healthy relationship.

1. NFP respects God’s plan for marital love and sexuality.
God created both marriage and sexual intercourse – both are sacramental. Sexual intercourse is the symbolic renewal of the marriage vows. NFP is the way a couples’ call to “responsible parenthood” is lived out, for it respects the order and structure of God’s design, while at the same time esteeming human freedom.

Steve Pokorny is the Founder of Freedom Coaching, a one-on-one mentoring system designed to break the power of pornified images. His book, Redeemed Vision: Setting the Blind Free from the Pornified Culture is coming soon.