Poem: “Storming Falluja, Ten Years Ago”


Storming Falluja, Ten Years Ago

Fallujans flee, of your fighters be rid,
Your city, your honor our GI’s demand,
We’ll find them, we’ll kill them, they cannot be hid,
Uprising is doomed to sink in the sand.

Your town is besieged; we storm and we blast,
By land and by air, with engines of war
To save you and free you, your ways to recast,
And strike from your core all we abhor.

Terrorists, quoth Bush, fiends infernal,
Death shall you reap, damnation eternal.
Our troops bring money and sweet liberty
Postmodern soul and morals oh so free.

Humvees haul speakers, sepulcher sound,
Decibel foes down, quake hearts and confound.
Hell’s Bells, AC /DC – what a binge!
Pound them with gall, let Mohammedans cringe.

“But here we lived, and our children did play,”
Comes poignant reply of townsfolk who hail
their insurgents, as to Allah they pray,
That resistance wax strong, occupation fail.*

Robert Struble Jr.

*As of 2014, on the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, Fallujah is under control of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

Bob Struble is a retired history teacher, and a writer of books, articles and poems. He is Lecturer for the Knights of Columbus in Bremerton WA, and is an associate editor at Catholic Lane.