Poem: “Whirling Dervishes of Winter”

Whirling Dervishes of Winter

The wind whips the snow around
like a whirling dervish lost in the truth of ecstasy:
a pure white ghost dancing wildly
like a Banshee of God
over the snow as it coaxes and teases
the dying sun, glimmering pure blindness off the
icy whiteness of the world as it
settles into the familiar sweet blackness
of a Winter’s night.

Niles Comer

In addition to being a writer and poet, Niles Comer has an extensive background in direct social services including HIV/AIDS Case Manager, Certified Addictions Counselor and as a trainer serving the homeless and the marginalized. He also has many years of non-profit management, community organizational development, and capital development. His current project and passion is Mercy Farm a healing retreat farm that integrates approaches from Catholic Worker Farm, L’Arche Community, and Dayspring Retreat Center. He blogs as Friar Puck at A Comforting & Disturbing Grace and his consultation service is described here.