Poem: “Thirteenth Station”

Thirteenth Station
Good Friday

He’s dead? Already?
I was sure he would remain,
A living human stain,
Hanging up there, he should have been good
For another few hours of gory food.
I cannot believe this news.
You are sure? You saw it too?
Do what you will. Take him down.
Let him be buried or thrown
Out. Get rid of the body. I see
Nothing more to this man’s story.
He’s dead and gone,
He’s dead and gone.

Matthew B. Rose

Matthew B. Rose received his BA (History and Literature) and MA (Systematic Theology) from Christendom College.  He teaches  middle-schoolers history and English in a large Catholic parish school.  Matthew also runs a Catholic Q & A  blog (quidquidestest.wordpress.com) and a random, more personal blog (http://freakingawesomeblog.blogspot.com).