Poem: “The Kiss”

The Kiss

I thought about your kiss today
As I drove on down the road.
I saw your smile in my mind’s eye,
And your boyish heart of gold.

I keep it like a treasure
In a place that’s all my own;
It brings me so much pleasure
Whenever I’m alone.

I thought about your love today
As I started on my way.
I thought how you’ve been good to me
Since we met that lovely day.

I keep it deep inside me,
In that place no one can see.
You bring me such security,
I am safe as I could be.

Jeryl Struble

Jeryl Struble has been a singer/songwriter for many years in the Puget Sound area. She released a CD of her own songs on an album entitled Journey To Joy in 2008. She was an interpreter/translator of Russian and taught the language for 13 years at Bellevue Community College. She has three children ages 14, 19 and 22. She hopes to have enough songs written for another album soon.