Poem: “Sanctuary Stars”

Sanctuary Stars

To all my friends
I cannot see
I’ll pray for you
On bended knee

On Christmas morn
At stable’s side
Where Christ the King
Once did abide.

Amidst the stench
Of creatures low
Yet star above
Sent down its glow.

First Sanctuary light
Bold thing
A beacon for
The hidden King.

And when bad men
Snuff earthly light
Stars are born
To light the night.

That’s why He put the stars
So much,
Up in the sky
Where men can’t touch.

For candled flames
Men can bring low,
Sanctuary stars
Won’t lose their glow.

So at each stable
Be not forlorn
If bad men say
“He was not born!”

Look up O man
The sky is flooded…
With Sanctuary light
Sanctuary-star studded!

Hilary Flanery

Hilary McRee Flanery studied Theatre Arts in college at Webster University in St. Louis Missouri, USA. She has been in numerous theatre productions over the last 20 years but her real claims to fame have been "Opening Nights" in leading roles on delivery tables throughout the US Midwest where she has performed and produced ten children.

"Raising a large family and writing means that I set up strict priorities. I start each day with a prayer that has been in my family since God was a boy - 'Come Holy Ghost...give me the faith of your Saints, the courage of your martyrs, and the money and success of your athiests.'"

Hilary and her husband, Randy, have been hapily married for 30 years and are certifiably insane. They know this to be a fact since Randy is a Clinical Psychologist.

The Flanerys reside in St. Louis, Missouri with their 10 children, termites and a large bottle of wine. She blogs at www.hilaryflanery.blogspot.com.