Poem: “Prayer for a Prodigal Daughter”

Prayer for a Prodigal Daughter
(I composed this poem to the melody of “My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean.”)

Hu-man-i-ty ne’r had an era,
When kids all acquired moral aims.
But this age has scorched like Sahara,
With passion that sears and inflames.

In childhood our daughter was lovely,
In soul she was strong for the Lord.
But culture and peers ground her roughly,
‘Till Faith and the Church she abhorred.

My Sadie’s gone far from devotion;
Our daughter’s been swept out to sea.
My Sadie’s adrift on the ocean,
And so do I proffer this plea:

Lib-er-ate her from the Captor.
Once again may we see her kind eyes.
Open a hap-pi-er chapter,
With our family as loving allies.


Ah, ‘tis true that prayers do get answered,
and in due time the answer was yes.
Years ago my daughter was captured,
Now, to Jesus she does acquiesce.

Robert Struble, Jr.

Bob Struble is a retired history teacher, and a writer of books, articles and poems. He is Lecturer for the Knights of Columbus in Bremerton WA, and is an associate editor at Catholic Lane.