Poem: “Of Prophecy and Pregnancy”

Of Prophecy and Pregnancy

The whole earth groans
Like a swollen mother

[after] month
[after] month

Calendar pages turning
a community of hearts yearning
Like a young father
Paces in a room, aptly called
Our hearts flutter,

For this, this is the season
where prophecy
meets pregnancy
meets you
meets me.

Our fickle minds
So soon forget
The ways you’ve held us
The ways we’ve wept
Because I can intellectually consent
That you’re as close as my next
But find my heart whining
“I don’t feel you yet.”

Lord, I believe
Help my unbelief.

And so, through Advent
I re-orient
to a deeply personal God
who stepped into
my sin-soaked-skin
To heal me from the inside…

To confound the rich,
Invert the power,
To save me every day,
every hour.

God with us.
Let it be.

Erin Corry

Erin Corry is a campus minister through InterVarsityChristian Fellowship, serving in Massachusetts. She and her husband both share a love for college students and all matters of faith. When not on campus, you can find her knitting, reading and writing poetry.