Poem: “Not Just Yet”

Not Just Yet

Where the roads you have known and walked on bend Come down this day to the
river with me, Where the current runs so wide descend, A long boat waiting

Seats on deck, there’s room for more –
Has someone used that seat before?

You will not cross today but ride
Along the bank where willows hide
Their lank green leaves in opacity,
Who lives there your soul will see

Another time, but not just yet
Nor will we leave the dock till noon –
What you see you will forget
But what there is you will see soon

September 2, 2011

Pavel Chichikov is a Washington DC-based poet and photographer. He has written for both the secular and the Catholic press on issues as diverse as Russian nuclear weapons systems, Olympic athletes, and miracles. His books include From Here to Babylon: Poems by Pavel Chichikov,  Lion Sun: Poems by Pavel Chichikov, Mysteries and Stations in the Manner of Ignatius, and Animal Kingdom. Pavel may be heard reading his works on catholicradiointernational.com and on pavelreads.com. His poetry regularly appears on "The Poetry of Pavel Chichikov."