Poem: “Holy Wholly Holy”

Holy Wholly Holy

Child, more than dear,
Three, Father, father and me,
Made you,
Wholly, completely, holy.

I surround you.
Not part of me,
You are in me,
Wholly, totally, holy.

For this time,
You move and
I hold all of you,
Wholly, entirely and holy.

How many times have
Your lips touched me ?
Unfelt, as I enclose you,
Wholly, fully, holy.

You will leave from within, and
Then my lips will kiss you, and
You will always be in my love,
Holy wholly holy.

Guy McClung
© GM 2014

Guy McClung is a granddad who loves his children and grandchildren, and as a Patent Attorney helps people develop inventions. He lives in San Antonio Texas with his wife Karen who has stayed with him for 41+ years.